Best Ecig Flavor

The best flavor for ecigs is menthol hands down, not only does it give you the cooling taste there are also variations of menthol. There are lots of flavors out there now but few taste as advertised and non offer the same experience as vaporizing menthol. Ecigs vaporize liquid nicotine so there is opportunity to tweak the formula and come up with new menthol flavors making it the top choice.

Even if you are not a traditional menthol smoker you may enjoy all the great menthol flavors you can buy for ecigs. Not only are they the best tasting but offer a great vaping experience for the user. Compared to menthol cigarettes they are able to control the strength of menthol better with the liquid nicotine. So you can choose the strength that is right for you and perfect flavor that fits your pallet.

There is nothing like the cooling and soothing sensation of menthol. It actually makes your body feel cooler and the soothing effect really helps you relax. Like on a hot day or if you are out for the night menthol ecigs provide a great vaping experience in any situation.

Other flavors are ok but usually don’t live up to the flavor they are supposed to taste like. I have tried cherry, vanilla, coffee and many more but they never seem to taste as advertised. But menthol is spot on and delivers a crisp minty taste.

The other reason menthol flavored cartridges are the best for vaping with ecigs is the variations you can buy. Not only can you get menthol in different strengths you can find hybrid menthol flavors such as iced berry and tropical mint. When they make the liquid nicotine they can mix flavors and tweak the recipe to make all kinds of flavors.

Not only are menthol flavored ecigs the best flavor they also offer the most variety as well. They give you a soothing vaping experience and have a cooling effect. You can also experiment with hybrid flavors to get a little different taste but still have the same menthol taste. On top of that they are also the best tasting as other flavors fall short of what they are advertised as.


Cigarette Brand With Most Menthol

Unlike with traditional cigarettes, for those of us who love to smoke menthol cigarettes, we don’t have to run around checking for which brands carry menthol ecigs.

With ecigs, just about every brand carries a menthol flavored ecig because it is a very popular flavor.  I would venture to guess that it is the second most popular flavor if not the most popular.

The only reason that it is not the most popular is because when you buy an electronic cigarette buy default they give you a tobacco flavored cartridge so naturally most tobacco flavored ecigs are going to go through the door.

So if you are looking to buy a menthol ecigarette you don’t have to worry about finding a brand that carries one.

Menthol Flavor Ecigs

I absolutely love menthol flavor ecigs so I thought I put together  a website that talks about it since I am the most qualify to do so.  Hope you like it.

We’ll be finding the latest news and trying out the newest menthol e-cigs to bring you the best possible information regaring menthol flavored electronic cigarettes and more!